Crazy Farmer match 3 game
Crazy Farmer is my personal game project. It's a "match 3" game about sheep! Match 3 little sheep to create a big one. Match 3 big sheep to create an explosion which remove 8 closest nighbour sheep. Sheep are so colorful because crazy farmer painted them. Every sheep has different characters. They are cute and funny. I am continuosly improve the game.
Guesthouse environment concept art
It's my personal universe concept. It's future Poland but without christianization. There are a lot of creatures from slavic beliefs and religion of our ancestors, but a little futuristic.
Concept art of male character - Bartek
Concept art of a male character who is from the same universum as Matylda. He had an accident when his girlfriend died, and since then she hunts him.
Ghost concept arts!
Set of character designs. They are ghost who are seen by Matylda (my other original character).
Concept art of Matylda - medium who sees ghosts
Matylda is medium who sees ghosts. She help them to get to the other side.
Concept art - thesis
2 concept arts for my thesis. I've choosen to model a green monster.
Mind Plus - concept art
Concept arts of two heros: Juliet and Tom. There were heros in video game for children.
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