Hello World!

I'm Katarzyna Kosobucka graphic artist and illustrator based in Krakow, Poland

Who am I?
Hello! My name is Katarzyna Kosobucka.  Since 2009 I design stuff. I am interested in graphic design since high school, and shortly after graduation I started to work in the advertisment industry. For previous 8 years - including 2 years of self-employment - I was doing mostly designs of: logos, flyers, posters, children books, illustrations, t-shirt designs, etc. 

I am currently associate with indie developer. Together we are making a strategic game. I am responsible for visual side of the game. Most of the time I make characters and animate them. This is the work I really want to do - drawing and design for games and mobile apps. I draw in manga/comic style. I like to learn new things and boarden my horizons in graphic design. That's why my portfolio contains so many various projects.
My work
In my work, I always seek to execute my clients vision. I try to manage it using my knowledge and years of experience. I really enjoy commisions where I can draw and design creative projects. I don't like to do monotone projects, I like challenges!
I draw illustrations in comic/manga style. I do a lot of t-shirt and mugs designs. I am very much enjoy doing concept arts and graphic elements for game purposes. In my daily basis I use Wacom tablets and Adobe software. Thanks to this combination I manage to do both vector and raster graphics.

Logo & Branding
For years I specialized in logo and branding identity design. That's why there are so many of logo designs in my portfolio. My clients were usually feminine businesses, managed by creative women, but not only them! 

I designed a lot of print materials like: flyers, posters, business cards, catalogues. I was designing books and booklets too. In this metter I cooperated with publishing houses and international corporations.
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